… sittting here in a park in the centre of London .. a week on from when I started my new job

What a week .. started off a bit bumpy but has settled down now. I’ve changed jobs before but never had such a traumatic time transitioning over with things not been organised for my arrival etc

So , now I’m here… working in a new company , learning new things , having to study for 5 exams in the next four months .. but getting on with it

My mental state feels better , I am tired from the early starts , commuting etc but my mood seems a lot more upbeat. I love being around upwardly thinking people and the phrase , work hard play harder is so true round here

I am not sure of my longevity here but I am trying to take each day as it comes. I have an income now , tho not huge , it will help to stem the flow of money going out with nothing coming in. 

I have some acting things in the pipeline and intend to carry on as much as I can

So , with a week before the big birthday , things have turned round .. the first 9 months of this year have not been particularly friendly so hopefully the next 3 will be … only time will tell


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