I feel like this is the story of my life … something happens , something goes wrong , a day of crap , next day ‘back on the horse’

As you can tell I feel better today. Still very disappointed but accepting of what’s happened

Sat in a cafe about to have an emergency interview for a ‘real job’ my thoughts turn naturally to my other career. When people say it must be so hard … there is no word invented to describe how hard it is … to get noticed , to get seen for things so you take whatever is thrown your way and run as fast as you can with it becaus you don’t know when the next thing is coming

I am now in that hiatus period where nothing is on the horizon so nothing could happen or everything … I don’t know

I still love this business and the last 3 days on set doing scenes and told nice things reassures me… I am still learning from others .. and still willing to learn and adapt and am now looking forward to the next thing whatever that might be

I met some nice people the last few days that I wouldn’t have met before and feel glad for them entering into my world

For now … a blank slate , approaching 50 , never would have thought I would be in this position while approaching 50 but am grateful for my health , my friends , my surviving family and the fact that there are still lots of surprises to come and maybe , just maybe , this project finishing opens up new doors in work or other ways


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