… when I started this I aimed to speak to After working on a potentially groundbreaking feature film the last few days… today our lead guy …. terminated his contract … and brought the production to a grinding halt…( akin to a trains emergency cord being pulled )

A low budget production with months of prep , casting , booking crew .. ended just like that

I had spent a month learning all my lines for the shoot and had just done 3 days of filming on the project and now am … gutted

There are no words ,, anger isn’t enough , seething gets close .. a chance to prove my worth .. ended… as you know I have had little or no opportunities in tv and film this year and this was a potential groundbreaker… ended

So… now I am having a steak and a beer trying to see the ‘positive’ side … as we are always told to look for the positive .. I met Georgie , who was playing my daughter and instantly we got on , I will miss her being around .. and loads of other lovely people 

So what’s next .:: I don’t know … I feel like yet again the rug has been pulled from under me .. 2017 has been a very cruel mistress..and doesn’t show any sign of letting up


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